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  • Posted February 24, 2017

RECALL - BOBOS Coconut Oat Bar

Simply Delicious, Inc. has identified a quality issue regarding potential mold growth in a single lot of Coconut Oat Bars. While there is not an anticipated health risk, this lot does not meet our high-quality standards.

The affected lot consists of 609 cases. Each case contains 4, 12-count boxes of 3oz bars. Each product can be identified by packaging lot # of MD2204, with a Best Buy dates of 06/22/17 and 06/23/17. No other lots of Coconut Bars have been affected at this time. The lot and best by date are located on the back of the individual packaging. The information is also present on the side of the 12-count display box.

If you have any of the above listed affected product, please bring it in to the store to exchange.

If you have any questions concerning this recall, please contact the company at (303) 938-1977.


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