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Starkie Sowers is the Director of Education for Clarks Nutrition and Natural Foods Market and takes a personal approach to teaching our staff about nutrition, supplements, and healthy living.

In addition to the continued education of our staff, whenever possible we extend our resources to put on classes, seminars, and workshops for you, our most valuable asset. We believe you should be able to make the best educated decision regarding what you eat and put in your body.

Level 1 - Introduction to the Natural Foods Industry & Nutrition

This training focuses on basic knowledge needed to work in a health food store. The training is geared to expose a non-trained individual to six areas of exposure commonly needed in a health food store.

Introduction to the natural products industry




Degenerative diseases

Neurological disorders

Level 2 - Nutritional Applications

This training focuses on in-depth applications for retail health food stores. The purpose of the class is to look at specific areas of the natural products industry in more depth.

Comprehensive study of Foods

Comprehensive study of Digestion

Comprehensive study of Herbs

Comprehensive Study of Homeopathy

Comprehensive Study of Sports Nutrition

Comprehensive Study on Cosmetics

Level 3 - Principals of Nutrition

Comprehensive study of Protein

Comprehensive study of Carbohydrates

Comprehensive study of Fats

Comprehensive study of Water Soluble Vitamins

Comprehensive study of Fat Soluble Vitamins

Overview of Orthomolecular Medicine

Current trends in nutrition

Level 4 - Introduction to Nutritional Assessment

Principles of Nutritional Assessment:

Comprehensive study of Macro-minerals

Comprehensive study of Micro and Trace Minerals and Toxic Minerals (metals)

Nutritional Assessment

Nutrition and Eating Disorders

Digestion Absorption and Gut Ecology

Cellular Energy

Level 5 - Nutritional Biochemistry

Taught on-site by Starkie Sowers, this class can earn employees college credit through Huntington College

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