Diabetes Care Buying Guides

Carefully managing diabetes is an important way to keep associated health issues in check. Whether looking for yourself or someone else, the guides below can help you find the right products and tools to help maintain optimum health.
Glucose Testing
Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is an essential part of keeping diabetes in check, and using the right equipment is critical in keeping levels where you want them to be. Use this guide to find the right system for your budget.
Sharps Containers
Maintaining health blood sugar levels means safely using and disposing of needles. Check this guide to understand your options for legally handling medical waste.
Blood Pressure Monitors
Heart health is an important factor in diabetes management, and staying on top of blood pressure can keep you on the right track. From manual monitors to digital tracking, this guide will help identify the right monitor for you.
Heart Rate Monitors
Staying fit is one of the most important things you can do to maintain health when managing diabetes, and—from manual to fully automated systems—a heart rate monitor can be a helpful way to track your progress.
Regular exercise is one of the best ways to keep diabetes in check, and a pedometer can be an easy way to get going toward your goals and monitor progress. Walking is a fun and relatively easy way to get heart-healthy cardio while burning fat and calories. (Check with your doctor first, especially if you are overweight or managing a health condition.)     
Maintaining a healthy weight is critical to long-term health when living with diabetes. Tip the balance into better health by finding the right scale to give you quick feedback and track progress over time.
Skin Moisturizers
Protecting your skin is particularly important when managing diabetes. Check our guide to find out more about staying supple with moisturizers.
Ointments & Creams
Diabetes sometimes affects circulation, which in turn may affect skin, making it succeptible to uncomfortable conditions. Look here for information on how to soothe the skin with ointments and creams.
Medical ID for People with Diabetes
If you have diabetes, medical identification provides important information for first responders in case of an emergency. A medical identification bracelet or necklace should say you have diabetes and (if you are on insulin) that you take insulin.