Varicella-Zoster Immune Glob


"VAR-i-SEL-a ZOS-ter i-MUNE GLOB-ue-lin"

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This medication is used to help provide protection (antibodies) against a certain virus infection (varicella zoster) commonly known as chickenpox. It is used by certain people who have not been vaccinated or had the infection before and have had recent contact with someone infected with chickenpox. This medication is made from healthy human blood that has high levels of a certain substance (varicella zoster antibodies) which helps fight the infection.

Routine vaccination is usually the best way to protect against infection.

How to Use This Medication

This medication is usually given by injection into a muscle by a health care professional. Adults and children usually receive the injection in the upper arm, and infants receive it in the upper thigh. Large doses (more than 3 milliliters) should be divided into 2 or more injections and given at separate injection sites. Certain brands of this medication may be injected into a vein. The dosage and schedule of injections depend on your medical condition, weight, and response to treatment.

This medication is given as soon as possible after you have had contact with (been exposed to) someone with chickenpox. If you wait too long after being exposed, the medication may not be effective. Not everyone who is exposed to this infection should receive varicella zoster immune globulin. Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.

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