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Buying Tips

Avoid bruised persimmons as they do not store well and will quickly spoil.


Hachiya (also called Japanese persimmon and kaki)

The hachiya, an astringent variety, is the most widely available persimmon in the United States. It is large (up to 3 inches [7.62 cm]) in diameter and round, with a slightly elongated, pointy base. When ripe, it sports a red-orange skin and flesh. It is quite soft when completely ripe and delivers a smooth, creamy texture and a tangy-sweet flavor. If eaten even slightly underripe, the hachiya will pucker the mouth with an intense, unpleasant astringency.


These persimmons are nonastringent, so they can be eaten while still firm. When ripe, they have a red-orange skin and flesh. They are smaller than hachiya persimmons and are more tomato-shaped.

Sharon fruit (also called Israeli persimmon)

Sharon fruit is sweet and round and can be enjoyed when it is firm.

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