Top Loin Steak

Also indexed as:Club Steak, New York Steak, Shell Steak, Strip Steak
Top Loin Steak: Main Image

Buying Tips

Look for top loin steak with a clear, red color. Normally, beef is purplish-red, but when exposed to oxygen it takes on a cherry-red hue known as the “bloom.” While the exterior is bright red, the interior of the meat retains the darker color. Vacuum-packed top loin steak also shows this purplish color. Packaged top loin steak should be cold and the packaging free of punctures or tears; vacuum-packed steak should have its seal intact. To check for freshness, touch the steak; it should be firm, not mushy. Also check the label for the “sell-by” date and make sure to buy it before or on that date.


Top loin steak contains the large “eye” muscle of the top loin, one of the two tender muscles within the short loin section of the animal. With the bone in, this cut is called a shell steak or club steak; when it is boneless, it is called a strip steak.

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