Prostate Cancer Prevention

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Gain added protection against prostate cancer by living a healthy lifestyle and by learning more about the causes of this common disease. According to research or other evidence, the following self-care steps may be helpful.
From razors to man-vitamins, find the best products for men with our guides below.
Smoking Cessation Products
Don't go cold turkey! Take advantage of the available over-the-counter and prescription quit aids that may significantly improve your odds of kicking cigarettes for good.
Sleep Aids
If you have trouble sleeping, an occasional over-the-counter sleep aid may help you get the ZZZs you need.                     
Shaving Cream
Finding the right shaving cream, gel, moisturizer, or aftershave lotion can make all the difference in getting that smooth, comfortable, and just-right shave.
Whatever your goals, a pedometer is an easy way to keep track of your steps on the road to success.
So many options. Men’s or women’s? Single or multiple blades? Disposable or electric? Read on for help picking the razor that will work best for you.
A good-quality scale is an essential tool for weight loss and personal health. Discover the options and how to test a scale for accuracy before you buy.
Learn the A, B, C’s—and D’s and K’s—of selecting the right multivitamin for your family.
Blood Pressure Monitors
A home blood pressure monitor is a wonderful tool for ensuring your numbers stay in the healthy range. Use this guide to find the right monitor to fit your health needs, lifestyle, and budget.
Antacids & Acid Reducers
If you or a family member suffers from heartburn or acid indigestion, antacids and acid reducers may offer temporary relief.
Anti-Gas Products
To get gas and bloating under control fast, look to these anti-gas products for relief.
Natural Digestion Aids
If you suffer with these issues from time to time, a natural digestion aid may be just what you need to get your body back on track.
Embarrassment can prevent people from asking questions about condoms. Our guide will help you confidently, and discreetly, select the right prophylactic to help you have safer and more enjoyable sex.
Hair-Regrowth Products
While hair transplants are the only proven permanent way to replace lost hair, a variety of products have been designed to prevent further hair loss, thicken the hair you have, and stimulate new hair growth.

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