Artichokes: Antioxidant-Filled Delicacies

Spring—peak season for artichokes—is rapidly approaching. And while artichokes can seem tricky to prepare because of their tough-looking exterior, they’re actually quite easy. One of the simplest ways to prepare them is to trim off the tops and to steam them, stem-sides up, over a few inches of water. While steaming artichokes can take longer than say, boiling or frying them, the wait is worth it; artichokes contain antioxidant phytochemicals called polyphenols, which may protect against heart disease, and steaming artichokes results in the highest antioxidant activity. Once the artichokes are tender, you can peel away the individual petals and dip the meaty bases in an olive oil and lemon juice dip, while adding black pepper and crushed garlic to ramp up the flavor.

Source: Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry

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