Breakfast-Skipper? Soylent Has a Shake for That

People who like to eat food may have completely missed, or ignored, the 2014 release of Soylent—a meal replacement drink that’s become increasingly popular among the highly productive sector in Silicon Valley. While replacing your meals with a 400 calorie drink containing 20% of your daily nutrients hasn’t caught on with everyone, Eater reports that Soylent’s latest product, Coffiest, may not be as big of a stretch for some. The new drink combines Soylent, coffee, and L-theanine, an amino acid said to help relieve stress, and is geared towards the coffee-drinking, breakfast-skipping crowd.

The idea isn’t necessarily an original one; there’re already coffee protein drinks on the market. However, the difference between Coffiest and its competitors may lie in its palatability, according to Eater. The shake’s flavor is described as a mix-up of Soylent (compared to runny pancake batter), coffee, and a bit of cocoa, with a slight whiff of popcorn. Unlike other breakfast shakes, it’s not overly sweet, making it easy to down in the morning so you can move on to the important things, like finishing your memoir or training for that marathon.

Source: Eater

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