Consumers Stay Committed to Supplements

While there’s plenty of research supporting the health benefits of supplements, not every study comes to the conclusion that they are beneficial, and sometimes these negative studies get over-hyped in the media. But does this bad press actually affect whether people decide to take supplements? As it turns out, the answers is “no,” at least for core supplement consumers. According to interviews and research done by the Nutrition Business Journal, core supplement consumers share certain traits and values: a commitment to wellness, intellectual curiosity, and a desire to take control over their health. Because they tend to be independent thinkers who value their personal experience and do their own research, negative stories in the media don’t change their view of the importance of supplements. These consumers take supplements to help prevent certain health conditions, to enhance nutrition, and to avoid prescription medications. Of course, for these individuals, supplements are just one part of a holistic lifestyle that also includes a healthy diet—which they view as their most important source of nutrition— exercise, and mindfulness. Here are a few other facts about core supplement consumers:

  • They often commit to a holistic lifestyle following a challenging illness or injury, and look to conventional medicine for emergencies rather than for prevention.
  • They believe in buying organic, local, and non-GMO products, and quality supplements from reputable brands.
  • Although they place great importance on eating healthy foods, no single diet defines them: they might follow a vegetarian, vegan, or paleo diet, to name just a few.

Source: Nutrition Business Journal/New Hope 360

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