CoQ10 Supplements Lead Mitochondria-Boosting Category

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is taken for conditions such as angina, hypertension, and migraines and is believed to work by improving the synthesis of ATP—our bodies’ cellular energy source—in mitochondria. In fact, according to a report from New Hope Network, CoQ10 remains the top choice in the mitochondrial-boosting supplement category. In 2016 alone, 24 million Americans have taken it and nearly 700 metric tons were produced! In addition, between 2001 and the present, the number of brands featuring CoQ10 has grown from 18 to 125.

However, even though CoQ10 is the star, it isn’t the only supplement in this category. For example, berberine, a chemical found in several plants, could be poised to steal the show. According to Dr. Michael Murray, chief formulator at Natural Factors, berberine both protects mitochondria and has other beneficial effects, such as lowering blood pressure and improving markers of metabolic syndrome. Nevertheless, there’s still a ways to go before berberine, or any other supplement, reaches the sales and stature of CoQ10 in this category.

Source: New Hope Network

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