Cricket Chips or A Kale Popsicle Anyone?

Cricket chips, potato milk, and dehydrated beef organs may sound like they belong on an episode of Fear Factor, but they’re actually a few of the health foods presented at this year’s Expo West, a natural products convention held in Anaheim, CA. Thankfully, not all of the organic and natural foods were this adventurous—many of the 3,000 participants showcased snacks that fit into a plethora of diets and lifestyles: Paleo, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, sugar-free, vegan, and vegetarian. Here are a few standouts to watch for:

  • Turmeric everywhere. Traditionally used in Indian cuisine, among others, this anti-inflammatory spice was included in everything from coconut drinks and dark chocolate to popcorn.
  • Pressed-juice desserts. Look for your favorite cold-pressed juice in the freezer aisle: New popsicles were made from beet and kale juice, and from even rooibos tea.
  • A family of food pouches. Pureed fruits and veggies in suck-able pouches have made headway with parents seeking a mess-free snack for their kids. Now, these zero-fuss snacks come in variations the whole family will like: savory lentils and quinoa, breakfast-ready apple-quinoa and cinnamon-oatmeal, and sweet pear-lime green tea.
  • Meat to go. Swap dried jerky for juicy meat bars. Paleo enthusiasts will especially appreciate new wild game flavors like venison with sea salt and pepper, and boar with uncured bacon.
  • Jackfruit fare. Jackfruit may very well be the next tofu. Meat-like in texture, this tropical fruit has found its way into prepared low-cal curries, Tex-Mex, and teriyaki.

Source: LA Times

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