Despite Its Other Benefits, Vitamin D May Not Help Reduce Blood Pressure

A new study has found that vitamin D supplements may not help reduce blood pressure. Published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the study looked at the findings from 46 controlled clinical trials that involved vitamin D supplementation for a minimum of four weeks, as well as specific patient data from 27 of those trials. After analyzing the findings and data, researchers concluded that vitamin D supplements did not have any significant effect on either diastolic or systolic blood pressure. However, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when evaluating the results of the new analysis:

  • While there has been some research showing an association between vitamin D levels and blood pressure, there was never a consensus that vitamin D supplements could improve blood pressure to begin with.
  • Controlled clinical trials have suggested that vitamin D has a host of other benefits, possibly including, among other things, preventing bone fractures, preventing falls in elderly people, and improving the symptoms of certain types of depression.

Source: JAMA Internal Medicine

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