Does Technology Help Or Hinder Your Workout?

Technology, especially in the form of apps and fitness trackers, is increasingly finding its way into our workout gear and routines. Fitness apps make it easy to record milestones, share activity with online social networks, and create workout playlists. Other devices like wearable fitness trackers effortlessly monitor body movements and heart rate. Our workouts have never been so connected, but the question remains: how healthy is it to use these apps and devices? Answers to this question are nuanced:

  • Some experts are concerned that constantly looking for validation from your fitness stats and online social networks can set you up for stress and disappointment. Others worry that wearable tech poses a safety hazard, as it can distract attention from traffic and other potential risks. It may also encourage people to push themselves too hard as they listen to their device and not to their body.
  • However, used in moderation, experts also admit that fitness technology can be a valuable workout tool. Apps and trackers can be the very things that motivate people to exercise in the first place. They can also be used to track and record fitness goals, and to monitor physiological responses such as heart rate.

The takeaway is that, if used to promote a healthy lifestyle, fitness technology can be helpful—but it’s important to remember to monitor your usage for unhealthy habits and to always pay attention to your body’s cues and surroundings when exercising.

Source: Washington Post

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