Eight Ways to Keep Fitness Goals While Traveling

It’s an age-old problem: you’ve got a great workout routine going, and then business trips or summer vacations get you off track. But, according to LA-based personal trainer Nick Hounslow, it doesn’t have to be this way—here are his tips, published in the LA Times, to help you keep active while you’re on the road:

  • Pack training gear. A jump rope and elastic resistance bands are lightweight enough to travel with and give you lots of cardio and strength training options like lunges, squats, and bicep curls.
  • Eat before you’re in the air. Food options on planes are limited, so eat a balanced meal before you board.
  • Find everyday exercise opportunities. Use the floor in your hotel room to do fat-burning exercises like planks, push-ups, dips, and crunches. Also, whenever possible, skip the taxi and walk to meetings or sightseeing destinations.
  • Cook for yourself. Consider renting an apartment instead of a hotel room so you have a kitchen. If this isn’t an option, think creatively—a hotel coffee maker can boil water for oatmeal or a hard-boiled egg.
  • Become an early bird. It’s often easier to exercise first thing in the morning rather than later in the day when you’re tired. So, get up a half-hour early and use this time to work out.
  • Avoid the mini-bar. Alcohol disrupts sleep cycles and metabolism, and can bump up caloric intake, so ask the hotel to empty the mini-bar in advance to avoid temptation. Stock it with healthy snacks and drinks.
  • Ask the front desk for help. Some hotels will loan guests equipment, like yoga mats and weights, as well as workout clothes and shoes, so you don’t need to pack your own.
  • Stay accountable. If you’re traveling with someone, make fitness goals together so you can motivate each other.

Source: LA Times

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