Energy Drinks: Worth the Jolt?

We all know the feeling: didn’t sleep enough, tired from work, too lethargic to exercise. We also know that a quick fix is available at most stores in the form of an energy drink. Yet, there could be some serious drawbacks to consuming these products. Emergency room visits, misuse with alcohol, and even deaths have all been associated with energy drinks, although the exact cause is sometimes difficult to figure out. One reason for concern is that these beverages have megadoses of caffeine and vitamins. One shot of a 5-Hour Energy drink is almost 9 times as caffeinated as a single cup of joe! As if that weren't enough to turn you off, what’s on the ingredient label is, in some cases, not necessarily what’s in the bottle. So, if you’re looking for a safer jolt, tea or coffee may be the way to go. Oh, and don’t forget to sleep.

Source: The Dr. Oz Show

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