For Diabetes, Which Cranberry Product Is Best?

Cranberries have a naturally low glycemic value—even cranberry juice (unsweetened) has only a moderate immediate effect on blood glucose and insulin levels. Many cranberry products contain high amounts of added sugars, which raises their glycemic value. However, early research suggests that opting for low-sugar dried cranberries may produce lower, healthier glycemic responses than sweetened dried cranberries, while still being more palatable than unsweetened cranberries. It’s important to note that this research found that a fiber contained in the low-sugar dried cranberries, called polydextrose, may have been responsible for the lower glycemic response, rather than the low amount of sugar. And, while more research is needed, findings from one small study suggest that low-sugar cranberry juice may help people with diabetes gain better control over their blood sugar levels and may improve levels of cholesterol and triglycerides and other markers of cardiovascular health, as well as reduce blood pressure.

Source: Journal of Medicinal Food

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