Herbal Extract May Support Weight Loss in Obese Adults

A new study published in the journal Nutrition Research suggests that an extract of the herb A. spathulifolius Maxim may help those struggling with obesity to lose weight. Previous research has linked the herb, which is native to Korea, Japan, and China, to anti-obesity effects in animals. To test how this herb affects humans, the double-blind study included 43 Korean adults, age 20 and older, who were obese. Researchers randomly assigned the participants to receive either a placebo, or a pill containing 700 mg of A. spathulifolius Maxim extract, once a day for 12 weeks. At the beginning and end of the trial, researchers measured the participant’s weight, fat mass, lipid levels, and levels of markers of blood sugar control. At the end of the study, here is what they found:

  • On average, participants who received the herb lost more weight (7.26 lbs) and more fat mass (5.24 lbs) than those taking the placebo (who lost 0.18 and 1.12 lbs, respectively).
  • Levels of lipids and markers of blood sugar control were no different between the participants taking the herb and the ones taking the placebo.

Notably, participants taking the extract lost an average of 4% of their body weight, which is important because researchers have found that a 3% to 5% reduction in body weight can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Also noteworthy is that the participants did not report any side effects, so A. spathulifolius Maxim may be a safe way to promote weight loss in adults with obesity—at least for short periods of time. If you’re thinking about trying A. spathulifolius Maxim extract, or any new supplement, remember to talk with your healthcare practitioner first to make sure it’s a good addition to your weight loss program. Also, it is important for the weight loss effects of this extract to be confirmed by other studies. 

Source: Nutrition Research

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