Homeopathy Continued: Common Remedies

Some homeopathic practitioners will treat patients based on what they term your “constitutional type,” taken from 15 types based on common symptoms and characteristics. Treatment is holistic, taking into account all symptoms, not just your type, before assigning a remedy. What follows are two common homeopathic remedies to take into consideration when your symptoms are mild. According to Natural Health Magazine, Coffea (coffee) may be a useful remedy to take if you are experiencing insomnia as a result of being physically or mentally overactive, and are sensitive to noise and pain. Pulsatilla (windflower) may help alleviate indigestion after eating fatty foods, and is specifically recommended for those who are very emotional. Nevertheless, while homeopathy addresses a wide range of health issues, it is always a good idea to seek concurrent medical care for all serious conditions.

Source: Natural Health Magazine

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