FTC Case Highlights Issues Surrounding Brain Claims

A recent case brought before the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) highlights the promise and peril of supplements in the brain health market. According to a report on the website, NutraIngredients-USA, the FTC recently entered into a settlement with iHealth, a division of the ingredient supplier DSM. iHealth claimed that algae-based DHA, an omega-3 fat found in its Brainstrong Adult product, supported memory and prevented cognitive decline. While iHealth relied upon a rigorous, scientific study to back up this claim, the study actually found that DHA supported only specific types of memory. The FTC therefore concluded that iHealth did not have the evidence to make such a broad claim regarding memory improvement. The case demonstrates that although there is solid research behind some brain health supplements, not all claims about a particular supplement have the same level of scientific-backing.

Source: NutraIngredients-USA

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