Long-Term Soy Consumption May Benefit Women’s Heart Health

A new animal study suggests that long-term soy consumption may provide heart benefits for post-menopausal females. Published in the online journal, Menopause, the study found that female monkeys who ate soy protein high in isoflavones before and after menopause experienced less atherosclerosis (hardening and narrowing of the arteries) than monkeys who ate mostly animal protein or switched to soy post-menopause. Cholesterol levels did improve for both those who consumed soy before and after menopause, and for those who only consumed it post-menopause. Previous research has shown that while soy has some important health benefits to offer, there is also research suggesting that it can have negative health consequences. The new study underscores the possible importance for women to start including soy in their diet early on, in order to reap soy’s protective effects.

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