Nail Down Your Lunchtime Workout

Thinking about maximizing your productivity by sneaking in a lunchtime workout? You can do it! Because it can be a little tricky, here are tips from the Washington Post to help make a midday workout work for you:

  • Make a plan. Since time is limited, a good plan can help you stay on track. Pack a light bag with a change of underwear and personal care items the night before. You can also stash shoes and toiletries at your desk so everything you need is close at hand. Showering can be a time sink, so if you can skip the shower, bring wet wipes for a speedy clean-up. If you need to shower, try using dry shampoo or throwing your hair in a ponytail to make it quick.
  • Fuel up. Let the intensity of your workout dictate what you eat for lunch. For a high-intensity workout, like running or jump squats, plan to eat a hearty breakfast beforehand and a balance of carbs and protein, like a smoothie or peanut butter sandwich, afterwards. For lighter workouts, you can probably eat a banana, or half your lunch, beforehand.
  • Go workout. Going for a run is a great midday workout if you have a park nearby; or, hit the gym and run on the treadmill. Try alternating one-minute sprints with 30 seconds of jogging. If you’re confined to your building for your lunch hour, four or five sets of calorie-burning, muscle-building compound exercises may be the way to go. For example, you could grab a pair of dumbbells and do squats with a bicep curl or do lunges with a lateral raise. If you need help planning your workout, there are also several apps that have 30-minute cardio and strength training routines.

Source: Washington Post

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