More Fallout from Controversial Claims Made on Dr. Oz Show

When Dr. Oz touted green coffee bean extract (GCBE) as a “magic weight loss cure” on The Dr. Oz Show way back in 2012, he probably did not think that the episode would still be making headlines in 2015. But—one retracted study and one appearance before Congress later—it still is. The latest fallout involves the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which has just leveled a $9 million dollar fine against Lindsey Duncan, who was featured as an “expert” on GCBE on the 2012 episode. The FTC asserts that Duncan and his companies made various deceptive claims about GCBE, including claims that Duncan made on the air on The Dr. Oz Show. A statement from the FTC reveals that, when the show asked Duncan to appear as an expert, Duncan was actually completely unfamiliar with GCBE, although the show’s producer was apparently unaware of this fact. Duncan also made efforts to hide his financial conflicts of interest from the show. Nevertheless, Duncan used his appearance in front of a national audience to engage in a “calculated strategy” to market and sell GCBE—he even went so far as to edit the show’s script to mention certain internet search terms that would direct consumers to his companies’ products. In an emailed statement, The Dr. Oz Show said that it supports the FTC judgment, and promises to “retain its eternal vigilance in vetting guests so they meet [the] highest standards.”

Source: Reuters

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