Clever Remedies for Motion Sickness

Does jumping on a plane for a business trip or going on an end of summer road trip mean zonking out on motion sickness meds for you? If so, there are other solutions that may ease your queasy stomach, minus the side effects. Roshini Rajapaksa, MD, medical editor for and assistant professor of medicine at the NYU School of Medicine, offered up these remedies:

  • Acupressure. While the scientific evidence is mixed, acupressure proponents believe that massaging the underside of your wrist could help alleviate nausea. To give it a try, measure three fingers’ width from your wrist crease and apply pressure between the two tendons, for five seconds or so. There are also bracelets you can buy that apply pressure to this spot.
  • Ginger. Some studies have found that ginger may be as effective as Dramamine at preventing motion sickness. You can eat the root raw, but if that’s too spicy for you, try ginger lozenges, teas, or supplements.
  • Deep breaths. When all else fails, try taking very slow, deep breaths. Sit closer to the front of the vehicle and keep your eyes on the horizon. Still sick? Close your eyes and ride it out.


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