Nootropics: Brain Boost in a Bottle?

If you’re searching for a brain boost in pill form, your hunt may lead you to nootropics. Nootropics get their name from the Greek word for “mind," and manufacturers claim they enhance focus, memory, and cognitive function. According to the Atlantic, the pills have become increasingly popular among young professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area, and some proponents say they take them as an alternative to other attention-focusing meds like Adderall. But what are they, you ask? Since nootropics include a wide range of brain-enhancing substances, individual formulas contain different ingredients. Some formulas contain synthetic drugs developed to enhance stamina and memory, while others contain Ayurvedic herbs, mushrooms, or krill oil. And do they work? The science isn’t there yet. Few studies on nootropics exist and the evidence is mixed. Skeptics claim their benefits are all a placebo effect—but that doesn’t sway believers, who maintain that nootropics have helped optimize their lives.

Source: Atlantic

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