Synthetic Stimulant Found in Several Dietary Supplements

A new study has found that some dietary supplements contain DMBA, a synthetic stimulant similar to DMAA, which the FDA has already banned as a supplement ingredient. Published in the journal, Drug Testing and Analysis, the study tested 14 suspect products and found DMBA in 12 of them; these 14 supplements were marketed to either improve athletic performance, increase weight loss, or boost brain function. In addition:

  • DMBA appeared on supplement labels as AMP Citrate, 4-amino-2-methylpentant citrate, or 4-methyl-2-pentamine citrate.
  • There are serious concerns surrounding the health effects of DMBA; both because there is so little research on the substance, and because of its similarity to DMAA, which the FDA advises may cause cardiovascular problems.

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), a trade group representing the dietary supplement industry, agrees that DMBA is an illegal ingredient and urges the FDA to take regulatory action. At the same time, the study only found DMBA in a very small fraction of all the supplements on the market. The CRN reminds consumers that there are many safe and beneficial sports nutrition supplements available, and that individuals should consult with their healthcare provider about which products are best for them.

Source: Drug Testing and Analysis

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