To Smoothie Or Not to Smoothie?

Smoothies have become synonymous with health. But smoothies may have a dark side: according to the New York Times, all that fruit (and certain vegetables) often translates into lots of sugar. In addition, fruits’ natural fiber, although still present, gets pulverized in the blender. That fact, along with the speed at which many people drink their smoothies—usually in less than half the time it takes to eat a piece of fruit—generally means all that sugar enters your blood stream more quickly. And, because the pulverized fiber may not slow the absorption of sugar the same way intact fiber from whole fruit does, you’re more likely to feel hungry sooner due to spiking and then dropping blood sugar levels.

When it comes to commercially prepared smoothies, the news is even worse: some of these have added sugars and additional calories from ingredients like milk or yogurt. The bottom line? Provided you drink them slowly, smoothies can be a smart choice in moderation, and can be an easy way to get other nutrients into your diet. However, remember that eating whole foods, including fruits, should be your focus.

Source: New York Times

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