Trending Products in the Food and Beverage Aisle

Did you miss the annual Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco this year? Not to worry. New Hope Network covered the event and reported back on the trendiest food and beverage products. The show, hosted by the Specialty Food Association, is dedicated exclusively to innovative specialty foods and beverages, and has been the launching pad for several well-known national brands. Here are the key takeaways from New Hope Network’s roundup:

  • Maple magic. Maple water continues to be popular, along with infused maple syrups and maple sugar in other types of products.
  • Superfruits. Tropical fruits soon to be appearing in grocery stores include the baobab fruit and acerola berries, among others.
  • Herbs, herbs, and more herbs. Manufacturers are adding a range of exciting botanicals to their functional foods and beverages, from new favorites like ashwagandha to old standbys like black pepper.
  • Finally, dessert. 2017’s lofty goal for desserts is to make them guilt-free. These desserts will feature whole-food ingredients like apple puree and cacao beans and alternative sweeteners like maple syrup (yes, maple gets an honorable mention in two categories this year).

Source: New Hope Network

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