Virtual Reality Could Be the Future of Fitness

Boring workouts may soon be a thing of the past: New virtual reality (VR) gaming systems, presented at the "Virtual Reality LA Summer Expo 2016," aim to make logging miles on the treadmill less tedious. The Washington Post recently reported on a few expected to launch this year:

  • A VR system that turns your elliptical, stepper, or stationary bike into a giant game controller. Straps with buttons wrap around your handlebars and connect to a VR headset and computer. Once you’re all geared up, an app allows you to choose from a library of games including one where you control an antigravity racer on a futuristic neon track.
  • A VR system that functions as a spinning bike, with joysticks for handlebars, which connects to a VR headset and computer. This system also gives you access to a library of games including one where you ride a virtual Pegasus, steering back and forth to collect gems.

Whether the average consumer will purchase these systems remains to be seen. Many of them are still in early phases of development, and the simplistic nature of some of the games may not keep users interested for long. There’s also the cost issue; at this point, the VR controllers, headsets, and computers carry big price tags which may be too expensive for many.

Source: Washington Post

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