Water Before Meals May Mean More Weight Loss

It’s no breaking news that drinking water is associated with losing weight. Previous research has found that, when combined with a weight loss program or a low-calorie diet, drinking more water may mean more weight loss. And in 2015, Time reported on a study that found drinking more water before meals increased weight loss in people who were obese. The study, published in Obesity, randomly divided 84 individuals who were obese into two groups: the first group was assigned to drink 500 ml (about 16 ounces ) of water 30 minutes before their main meal; the second group was assigned to use an attention-focusing strategy that involved imagining a full stomach before their meals. Both groups were given a weight management consultation at the beginning of the study and two weeks later. After 12 weeks, here's what researchers found:

  • The group that drank water before meals lost an average of 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) more than the attention-focusing group, after adjusting for other factors that could affect weight loss.

So, what’s the secret behind water's weight loss power? Based on their findings, the researchers speculated that drinking water before meals simply fills you up, leading you to make better choices about what to eat. What’s more, drinking water decreases thirst, which may help people avoid drinking caloric beverages, and, it gives a small metabolism boost. Since all of us need to drink it, and some of us need to drink more of it, drinking water may be a win-win if you’re trying to lose weight.

Source: Obesity

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