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Buying Tips

Choose bunches that are somewhat tight, with fresh stems, grapes firmly attached, and skins intact and without mushy spots. Avoid mold-spotted, wrinkled, raisinlike, or sticky grapes. They do not ripen after harvest.


Grapes are often classified according to their use as table or wine grapes. Vitis vinifera, grown in Europe and considered the ideal grape for wine production, encompasses thousands of types. Vitis labrusca and Vitis rotundifolia are primarily found in North America and include the Concord (dark purple to black) grape, which is used both as a table grape and to make juice, jellies, and wine. Another popular grape variety in U.S. markets is the pale green Thompson seedless grape, a variety that accounts for half of the table grapes grown in California, and that is also used to make over 90 percent of the raisins in the United States. Other popular table grape varieties include Cardinal (red), Emperor (bright red), Flame seedless (red), Niagara (green), Catawba (red), and Ribier (jet black).

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