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  • Posted July 08, 2016

Plant Fusion Phood Product Info

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  • Posted June 23, 2016

Outer Aisle Cauliflower Lasagna Recipe

We know you've heard about people using cauliflower as a bread/dough substitute. Yes, it's a thing and it's healthy and delicious. We now carry Outer Aisle Gourmet's Cauliflower Pizza Crusts and Sandwich Thins. Outer Aisle takes all the work out of creating a "veggie dough" with their Cauliflower Pizza Crusts and Sandwich Thins, making healthy food, easy. Check out this recipe for Lasagna using their Cauliflower Pizza Crusts. It's so simple and nutritious, you've got to try it.

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  • Posted June 15, 2016

Element Rice Cakes Video

The first coated rice cake that is a decadent vegan and gluten free snack that is low in calories and sinfully delicious. See the video for more information on these new snacks that can be found at our stores.

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  • Posted June 13, 2016

Wilde Protein Bars Video

Protein bars made of real lean meats in insane flavor combinations. Watch this video for more information on Wilde Snacks.

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  • Posted June 10, 2016

Rhythm Superfoods Roasted Kale Snacks Video

Keith Wahrer from Rhythm Superfoods talks raw vegan superfoods, kale chips and more. These tasty snacks can now at Clark's for your convenience. Click the video to see more.

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  • Posted June 09, 2016

Just Dressing Grilled Summer Zucchini Recipe

Here's a great summer recipe for Grilled Summer Zucchini Succotash using Just Italian Dressing that we now carry at Clark's. See video for recipe.

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  • Posted May 31, 2016

Why Teresa Loves Clark's in Chino

We asked Teresa what brought her to Clark's and why she loves shopping with us. Here's what she had to say...

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  • Posted May 25, 2016

What is UVO?

What is this crazy sunscreen drink and does it actually work? Click the video to learn more.