Finding Our Place

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Staff at the Riverside Store - Rosanne, Michelle, Vanetta, Liz, Starkie, BruceNow a two store chain, Clark’s was also finding its niche in the world of nutrition. They realized that since most people had limited knowledge of nutrition, it would be their aim to help educate their customers. With lectures on nutrition, Clark’s became known for helping people make informed decisions about their health.

The two stores focused on in-depth training for their staff about nutrition, rather than just training them to sell. The family was confident that sales would come if they just helped to educate their customers. This training would later become a five level in-house training for all of Clark’s “Nutritional Consultants.”

Staff in front of Clark's van - Vanetta, Mitchel, Liz, and Bruce

Ray Clark with health pioneer Gypsy Boots

It takes about 3 1/2 years to complete the training. Soon, Nutritional Consultants will receive college credit for the completion of this training! To this day, training and educating is at the core of Clark’s success!

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