Healthy Aging, Caffeine

Healthy Aging

We often look in the mirror and view our skin and as we age we might lament, “what has happened”. As we look for the “Fountain of Youth”, we cannot over look collagen. Collagen is a protein compound found in skin, cartilage and bones. Collagen holds living tissues together and insures the cohesion, elasticity, suppleness, hydration and regeneration of skin. 70-80% of skin dry weight is collagen, making it the protein of need for skin. Finally a strong collagen structure prevents wrinkles. Preserving collagen comes from nutrients such as vitamin C and the amino acids proline and lysine. Recent research from Rousselot, makers of Peptan, on collagen has shown that the consumption of collagen peptides (predigested) stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin. Additionally 60 independent studies have shown collagen peptide consumption, seems to improve the connective strength of skin by increasing fibroblasts’ density and formation of collagen fibrils in the dermal areas of the skin. Collagen peptides have other benefits including joint health regeneration and increased movement of osteoarthritis suffers. Collagen protein might be the next thing in anti-aging.

Need a better Golf Score? Maybe caffeine is the answer.

A recent study of 12 male golfers (average age 35) in a double blind study with a supplement containing 155 mg of caffeine (about the same in a cup of coffee) showed a two stroke (77 vs. 79) difference between the caffeine group and the placebo group. The golfers had a US Golf Association (USGA) handicap of 3-10. Additional advantages for the caffeine group showed more greens reached in regulation with and average of 8.6 in the caffeine group, compared to 6.9 in the placebo group. Caffeine was consumed before the tee off and again at the beginning of the back nine.

Caffeine has been used for years by all sorts of athletes. The use of caffeine is considered to be an ergogenic aid by many athletes including cycling, weightlifting, and other hand eye coordination sports.

Written By Starkie Sowers

Edited By Wayne Grubacich


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